5 Ways To Have Downtime in 2019

Ways to Have Down Time

Lately, life has been so hectic! With work, traveling almost every weekend, and even spending time with family. But Life can get like that sometimes. You tend to forget to take some time out for yourself to enjoy some downtime.

As for me, and I’m sure for most of you, it is super difficult to have some alone time. Defiantly if you are self employed, a stay at home parent, or even a CEO of a company. It’s just extremely difficult to have time to yourself.

I’m sure some of you have to schedule or pencil-in your calendars “Downtime” just to remember to have it. But whether you work 6 hours or 80+ hours a week, there are little things you could do to give yourself a well deserved break!

What is Downtime?

Downtime can be defined as ” inactive time (such as time between periods of work)”. Taking a moment to have quiet time in the midst of your busy day is pivotal to your overall wellness.

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Ways to Unwind

Ways to Have Down Time

|Put Your Phone DOWN!- Start by putting your phone on do not disturb. I’m sure that most of your stress comes from your phone anyway! Social media, emails, or people calling and texting you all day can be stressful. So put your phone on silence, and plan not to be on it for the remaining of the day.

|Listen To Music– Listening to music is defiantly one of the top ways to unwind. As for me when I want to relax, I put on a 90’s R&B playlist. I grab a glass of ice cold water, and I chill and mellow out. So, kick off your shoes and relax your feet. Put on your favorite song/playlist that makes you feel free and calming and RELAX! or DANCE!! Dance your life way!

|Go For A Walk-This is one that I need to work on myself. Going for a walk outside, especially in the spring and summer seasons is a hard one for me. Mainly because of bees and mosquitoes are out and about. But during the spring/summer seasons when it gets dark a lot later, is the perfect time to take a nice walk. It’s a time when you can be alone and unwind your thoughts. Defiantly if you’re a city girl like me. Taking a stroll downtown makes for good exercise and makes a change from sitting in a stuffy room.

|Have a Relaxing Bath(My Favorite)- Go to the store pick up your favorite bath essentials, such as your bubbles, bath bombs, oils, and candles. Run you a hot bath with the added essentials and enjoy yourself. Also, add a little music to lighten the mood even more. I remember when I was in my last week of undergrad and I was so stressed about my future. So I went to my pastor crying and just feeling so low. I told her what I was dealing with and her response to me was so shocking! She said “Lauren, Go Take A Bubble Bath. ” She advised me to go buy candles and bubble bath and to relax and when I tell you that definitely worked for me.

|Take A Nap- Yes something as simple as taking a 30min- 1hr nap can help you unwind after hours or days fulfilling a hectic schedule. Sleep allows the brain to fully shut down and get the much need rest it needs to function.

What are some things you do to unwind? Help others and comment below your strategies to relaxing.


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